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Not able to view the Tamil Pages?

To read and write in Tamil (Unicode and Tscii)

01. Download ekalappai software. To download ekalappai software: http://thamizha.com/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=3

02. Click ‘save’ button in the opened window and save it. Note the path where you have saved it in your computer.

03. go to the folder where you saved the ekalappai software and double click to unzip it.

04. double click ‘ekalappai20b_anjal.exe’ file.

05. click ‘install’ button and then click ‘next.’

06. click “I accept Liscence” and then click ‘Next.’

07. Again click ‘next’, ‘next’ and then ‘close.’

08. click ‘finish.’
Now e-kalappai is ready for usage. You will see a symbol ‘k’ in your computer’s right bottm corner.

Thanks Maraththadi: To read and write in Tamil (Unicode and Tscii)

R/W in Tamil – Voice in WingsTamil Computing Tutorial for reading and writing Tamil on the Net – Voice on Wings

Reading Tamil text

When you open a tamil blog and see only question marks or boxes instead of tamil letters, it means your computer is not equipped with any Unicode font for Tamil (Note: ‘Unicode’ is the universal encoding mechanism for computers, that accommodates all the languages of the world with a single coding scheme).

Step 1: To install the needed font(s), download the installer from this web page and execute it. This would install 10 Unicode Tamil fonts in your computer. If you use Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, this should enable you to view the page correctly.

Step 2: (Only for Firefox browser) You may see consonants and vowel modifiers displayed separately, instead of being shown as composite letters (uyir mei). To correct this, download this file and save it in the folder below:

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxx.default\chrome (for Windows 2000/XP)

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxx.default\chrome (for Windows 98/Me)
Note: [Username] denotes your Windows username
‘xxxx.default’ is a folder name under the Profiles folder with ‘.default’ at the end

If you are not able to locate the folder ‘Application Data’ (sometimes it is hidden), type ‘%AppData%’ in the Windows’ Start>Run dialog box. It would open the folder in an Explorer window, from which you can navigate to the destination folder specified above.

It is very important to save the downloaded file in the correct location as above.

With the above steps, it would be possible to read tamil blogs using IE or Firefox browsers, on Windows platforms.

நன்றி: கில்லி – Gilli » R/W in Tamil

Win 98 and Win Me users may have some problem with the fonts. In that case please download the new updated usp10.dll (hidden file) and copy it in to the folder C:\windows\system\ . Click Here to download new updated usp10.dll(Courtesy : www.thenkoodu.com)

10 பதில்கள் -க்கு “Not able to view the Tamil Pages?”

  1. Gautam Chaudhuri said

    Even after downloading usp10.dll and copying it to SYSTEM[C:]I can’t view the Tamil pages in English. Please help me.

  2. bsubra said

    What browser are you using? Internet Explorer 6 or 7? Firefox?

    Can you try with Internet Explorer 6 and let me know?

    Check here for more detailed instructions: கில்லி – Gilli » Read/Write in Tamil

  3. swetha said


    I tried to view your site through my firefox..I could get tamil but they are not legible.
    I am using linux – ubuntu.
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Wilson said

    I dont how to download the tamil font to read dailythanthi newspaper, can you please assit me in this – Thanks

  5. Rajendran said

    I don’t have tamil fonts to read the news from bsubra.wordpress.com pls send to me the fotnts as mentioned above the mail ID

  6. raja said


  7. chennai sangamam said

    please let me know thedetails regarding importance of chennai sangamam

  8. ganesh said

    importance and characteristics of chennai sangamam

  9. vignesh said

    This is a averege news

  10. I don’t have tamil fonts to read the news from bsubra.wordpress.com pls send to me the fotnts as mentioned above the mail ID.I dint’t view the Tamil pages in English. Please help me.

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