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Third quarter report on DP-PM activities

Posted by Snapjudge மேல் ஒக்ரோபர் 5, 2006

Here is an update of the Distributed Proofreading (DP) activity of
Project Madurai (PM) in the past 3 months (July – Sep., 2006).

In this quarter, we had a very active participation from our
volunteers which helped us to finish a record number of pages
and hence more books. The statistics below offers a better picture
of the progress made through Distributed Proofreading.

Although, the number of active volunteers in DP-PM has relatively
stayed the same, the few who volunteer are making an immense
contribution, through their regular participation.

Please consider joining and participating in DP-PM; completing one
page a day easily adds up to 30 pages from each volunteer. In case
you have some comments to make DP-PM even more user friendly, do let
me know.


PS: In case you have received this email through the Project Madurai list on
Yahoo groups, apologies for sending it again.

DP-PM website: http://www.projectmadurai.org.vt.edu/
Quarterly report on DP-PM activity – Oct. 03, 2006

Books/projects (in whole or parts)
Released : 3
Completed : 9
Ongoing : 13

Pages processed :
Jul 2006 : 156
Aug 2006 : 397
Sep 2006 : 433
(Jan 2006: 149, Feb 2006: 300, Mar 2006: 342
Apr 2006: 87, May 2006: 28, Jun 2006: 151)

We have completed 20 works on DP-PM till now and all these books have
been added to the Project Madurai collection. The recent additions are
PM243 – tiruviTai marutUr ulA – mInAkshisuntharam piLLai
PM244 – kaLLATam – kaLLATar (10 century AD)
PM247 – nallicaip pulamai melliyalArkaL – R. Raghava Iyengar
Few more completed works are in the final stages of the release

Some of the books presently available on DP-PM are:
mummaNikkOvai – paTTinattAr
aRappaLIcura catakam – ampalavANak kavirAyar
maturai kOvai – cankara nAraNar
aintiLakkaNam ton2n2Ul viLakkam – tolkAppiyar

More statistics on DP-PM are available at

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