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What the Lazygeek Loves & Hates

Posted by Snapjudge மேல் ஓகஸ்ட் 15, 2006

Long long ago, I read What the Digg Crowd Loves and Hates in Google Blogoscoped.

I wanted to emulate it to one of the premier English bloggers. No… not Kiruba.com.

It is a guy who is on Sabbatical. So, he will not notice : lazygeek.net – weblog of lazy geek

i hate *” site:lazygeek.net – Google Search

What he Hates:

  • bala
  • Sivaji
  • countdowns and numbering stuff
  • consolidations in the industry
  • woshipping humans
  • Indion Idol
  • Starbucks
  • magazines asking Maniratnam’s son
  • such hyped posts before taking a hiatus
  • word processors
  • sneaky wednesday releases
  • comment Modreation
  • being fake
  • Koundamani-Senthil comedy
  • taste buds
  • Honda/Toyota obsession among desis
  • him when one is all praises for him
  • anything that requires constant recharging
  • Appadi podu
  • hindi films
  • nitpick
  • loose the kid in me
  • censors
  • vijay
  • sunday evenings

and What he Loves:

  • LOVE
  • kamal
  • basundhi
  • Reliance.
  • Aathi idhu vaathu kootam
  • Gandhinagar, Adyar, Madras – 20
  • Vellai Pookal
  • rajani.
  • simbhu.
  • Hindu’s Friday Review
  • Indian movies
  • Madras,
  • Silent Film PUSHPAK
  • eating Milk Bikis
  • journalism.
  • gopurams that have lost their paints
  • LOTR
  • Nissans.
  • RKNarayan.
  • “Janani…Janani” song

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