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Thanga Vettai – American Students are Idiots

Posted by Snapjudge மேல் ஓகஸ்ட் 15, 2006

Being in a foreign country gives you certain rights. Vadivelu exhibited how a person could project himself in ‘Vetri Kodi Kattu’. Here a desi kid from US of A goes on to say that ‘Teachers call us Idiots’.

I am married to a substitute teacher and have seen how the teachers handle the ‘special’ kids with disabilities. Teachers refer it as the ‘I’ word. The person who utters it will be strongly reprimanded. His parents will be summoned to the vice-principal’s office and had to explain, reassure them, that the kid will not repeat it.

If it is a teacher, then it means the end of career for him/her.

The answers used to be dim-witted in Sun Tv’s Thanga Vettai. Now it also hosts the lies and the lying liars who propagate them for no reason.

Hear the snippet:

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2 பதில்கள் -க்கு “Thanga Vettai – American Students are Idiots”

  1. sundar rajan said

    Tell you what??? Get a life, buddy. The individual in question is JUST A KID. Cut him some slack (if you quite know what this phrase means, though I DOUBT IT), will ya? I am almost certain you are one of those Tam Br***s who jump at the slightest provocation to find fault with anything that is non-Br***** (read SUN TV).
    I am pretty sure a much bigger faux pas would have gone totally unnoticed if it had been aired on Jaya TV, simply for the fact that you guys would have been paying more attention to the rather ‘ample midriffs’ of some chauvnistic Maami.
    You guys SUCK…

    (The authority with which you write makes it look like you have made quite a number of trips with your spouse to the Principal’s office to apologize for your child’s misdemeanour…)

    (And yeah… someone that lies is a liar and I don’t quite understand who a ‘lying liar’ is…)

  2. Bala said

    புளியமரம்: சன் டிவியின் தங்கவேட்டை

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