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Interesting Tamil Blogs – View from an Outsider

Posted by Snapjudge மேல் ஓகஸ்ட் 14, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tamil Blogs

Came across the following statement whilst having a quick peek at the Indibloggies nominations, “Except for Tamil, situation is grim for all other Indian language blogs.” It is so true though, not that I know anything about other language blogs but the Tamil blogdom seems to be pretty much healthy. When it comes to the amount of information in Tamil the net on the whole (not just the blogs), does not cease to amaze me. How many of you here knew that you can do google searches in Tamil? The effort, resources and man hours put in by the individuals into developing fonts and digitising Tamil literature is awe inspiring (we are not talking about any Government funded projects here, as far as I know its just the keen individuals we have to thank for). Anyway here is a quick roundup of some of the tamil blogs you might want to pop by.

In my view the Tamil blogworld is a hell of lot better than the tamil MSM, whether its online or hard copies, the tamil weeklies and monthlies seem to be full of vulgarity & film news (most times its one and the same) and no substance. On the other hand be it humour, sports, politics, story writing or even bickering & fighting, the Tamil bloggers do a better job than any of the MSM I get to read on a regular basis. I shall try and list out some of the blogs I know of, starting with Dubukku annachi’s jolli thirindha kaalam series which seems to have been a big hit recently. There are rumours about him going to Canada to deliver an inspiring and stirring speech soon. For those of you interested in learning more on Tamil pazhamozhi, a visit to thulaisdhalam is a must. In my view the author is the queen of Tamil proverbs, I reckon she knows more than my grandmother:) Of course Rickshawallah Kupps site is a must for the fans of Madras Damil. But be warned that Kosappettai hasn’t been updating his blog as regularly as he should.

If you are cricket fan do not dare miss out Badri‘s blog and the cricket group blog here, Badri is also a publisher and his blog thoughtsintamil is one of the most informative blogs. Meenaks blogs about marketing in Tamil here. If you are fan of Sujatha’s then Desikan‘s blog is the obvious place to head to and if you are Thalaivar fanatic where else but here.

Came across this post by Chandrasekharan thanks to our Desipundit, ladies be warned if your other halves are any good at doing any housework please keep them away from reading it. Hmmmm I have not managed to write a few sentences without making any errors in Tamil, but I might as well atleast point you guys in the direction of some people who do so. Do visit here,here, here, here, here and here for more tamil blogs.

Due to lack of time I suppose I have not been spending much time reading tamil blogs, and I know there are plenty of others who are equally good or even better that I have missed out. In fact a good place to start on the tamil blogs journey would be Kasi‘s Tamizmanam. And I reserve the right to add more as and when I remember more:)

Update: You will find Venkat Kannadasan‘s blog here (thanks Ram) and a list of interesting posts are updated here on a daily basis by Icarus Prakash & Etamil Balaji.


capriciously_me said…
i got this in my mail today…its real nice!


7:10 PM, January 06, 2006  
Vijay Ramamurthi said…
Ore thamizh mayama irukku 🙂

9:32 PM, January 06, 2006  
TJ said…
Thanks for this nice list!! Enough to fill my weekend. 😀

1:38 AM, January 07, 2006  
Aravind said…
Good to know that Tamil ‘lives’ in Blogosphere 🙂

3:29 AM, January 07, 2006  
Sundar Narayanan said…
thanks to you i got to read dubukkus blog..


6:48 AM, January 07, 2006  
visithra said…
i dont read any 😦 sorry i normally copy paste post in english on to word and read leisurely – cant do that with tamil – n then theres the slowness ;(

8:04 AM, January 07, 2006  
fun2fun said…
WA, thanks a lot for the list.. n yeah!! dubukkus jolli thirindha kaalam.. scene-a irunduchu la.. naa miss pannama padichen.. bad tht it got over so soon 😦 but now his alma matter rocks.. 🙂

1:49 PM, January 07, 2006  
Prabu Karthik said…
Thanks for the wonderful links.
dubukku rocks 🙂

4:25 PM, January 07, 2006  
SHEKS said…
i dont wish to kill the already-dying tamil by blogging in tamil.but i feel reading tamil on paper,better.

4:55 PM, January 07, 2006  
Wicked Angel said…
Capri, thanks. Will check it out.

Vijay – 🙂

Tj – Oh do keep me informed if you find any exciting sites please.

aravind – it seems to be thriving

Sundar/fun2fun/PK – Ipdi solradhukku evlavu panam vaangirukeenga neenga ellarum Dubukks kitta? 🙂 Hee hee he certainly rocks, naan ennoda vote kooda inikku pottuten.

Visit – I know 😦 I did think of you and Harish when I wrote this post.

Sheks – Tamil-la blog pannalenna paravalle, but still go and read though if you can

10:16 PM, January 07, 2006  
Dubukku said…
hehe danks a lot guys 🙂

witchy – neenga vaangina athe amount thaan 😛

1:40 PM, January 08, 2006  
Ram.C said…
Have you visited this?


a surprise awaits you there…

5:30 AM, January 09, 2006  
Premalatha said…
I just was thinking of featuring Thulasi akka today. It is a long due one. In fact her blog was the first one I wanted to feature, but got sidetracked.

Thanks for the list. It is useful for me.

9:02 AM, January 09, 2006  
Premalatha said…

9:12 AM, January 09, 2006  
Premalatha said…
you have stolen my list (icarus was going to be my next. suspense is out now!) 🙂

9:14 AM, January 09, 2006  
Wicked Angel said…
Dubukks – Shhhhh

Ram C – I have been to Venkat Kannadasan’s blog. I knew I was gonna leave out some of my favourite accidentally. Will include it now, thanks

Premalatha – 🙂

1:12 PM, January 09, 2006

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  1. எனது பதிவுகள் இடம்பெற விருப்பம்

  2. Akber said

    very intresting

  3. http://tamilthathuvarasigan.wordpress.com/

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