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Posted by Snapjudge மேல் ஓகஸ்ட் 1, 2006

A late-night brainstorm and a video camera can catapult an unknown Internet user to instant — if sometimes short-lived — stardom. Below, five creative digital productions rising through the ranks on the Web.

‘Unflinching Triumph’


This “mockumentary” tells the story of Phillip Rockhammer, an up-and-coming competitor in the faux sport of professional staredown. With the bravado of wrestling but none of the contact, rivals lock eyes until one of them flinches. Featuring slick production, a soundtrack and dozens of actors, the film is being offered free in installments.

‘Chad Vader: Episode 1’


One of the latest in a long line of “Star Wars” spoofs to hit the Web, this short fish-out-of-water film imagines Darth Vader as a lowly supermarket manager. He bows to his supervisor in the walk-in refrigerator and uses his powers to confront a rival co-worker and impress a cute check-out girl. The video is currently popular at Channel101.com, a site where viewers vote for their favorite comedy clips.

‘Nobody’s Watching’
www.YouTube.com (search for ‘Nobody’s Watching’)


Bill Lawrence, a writer and producer of the NBC sitcom “Scrubs,” helped create this offbeat comedy as a pilot for the WB network. After the network passed on the pilot, it appeared in three parts on YouTube and became a hit, leading NBC to announce this past week that it had ordered a series of scripts and short episodes of the show for the Web with the possibility of broadcasting it on TV in an upcoming season.

‘Strong Bad Email’


The most popular feature on Homestar Runner, a site of cartoons and games, “Strong Bad” revolves around a sarcastic character in a wrestling mask whose answers to emails are the jumping off point for short cartoons. The emails are real, culled from the roughly 3,000 messages that creators Matt and Mike Chapman receive each day.

The Fancy Pants Adventure
www.addictinggames.com (search for ‘Fancy Pants Adventure’)


Created by Brad Borne, a college student, this simple but fun videogame plays like a minimalist version of Super Mario Bros. Using a few keys on the computer keyboard, players control a floppy-haired stick figure, maneuvering him through a world of mazes, springs and spiders. On Atom Entertainment’s AddictingGames.com, the game has been played about 1.5 million times, with a replay rate of 50%, according to Atom, which licensed the game and hired Mr. Borne to help create another one called Celebrity Smackdown.


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